• About us

    About us

    We have designed and built connectors since 1989

    We have designed and built connectors since 1989

    The Bayonet Multipin family of products are part of the wider Syntax® brand, designed and manufatured in Italy by Valentini Srl. The Bayonet products are built in compliance with MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 military standards and stand out for their high quality design choices and performances. Our goal is to achieve the best standards of safety, reliability and ease of use for our clients. To reach this goal we are constantly improving our products, choosing the best materials,  patenting new solutions and finding optimal ways to implement them.

  • Inventors, manufacturers, innovators.

    Inventors, manufacturers, innovators.

    Valentini is a dynamic, ever-evolving company operating in over 60 countries worldwide. For more than 30 years we have actively researched, designed and manufactured connectors for power, signal and hybrid applications. Our Syntax connectors have been used all over the world to manage power and electric signals in fields such as industry, automotive, broadcasting, shipbuilding & ship to shore power, international sporting events, live shows, military & national emergency management by agencies such as the Italian Civil Protection Department, and so many more. Valentini is an environmentally-aware company where respect for the environment is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Our team is motivated and mindful of details, as we know details are important in our pursuit of uncompromised quality and reliability.